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Our goal is to assist Startups and SMEs go online fast and with no heavy investment. We aim to provide businesses with the same efficiency of a traditional website but with 75% less cost.

Shopping made easy with Quickshop

Give your customers the best shopping experience for faster and more effective checkouts.

Suitable to Every Business

Whether you're an e-Commerce shop or a restaurant, QuickShop is your number one solution.

Plenty of features to power your online shop

Start taking online orders in a matter of minutes with QuickShop. Take a look at the features that make QuickShop the smartest choice for your online business.

Zero Fees

Say goodbye to giving 30% – 40% of each transaction to 3rd-party apps and websites. Say hello to keeping all of your hard-earned revenue.

Mobile-First Design

Your site will look great on any device, so your site and catalog are always easy to use no matter which screen size your customer uses to order.

Easy Ordering

Give your customers a smooth ordering process with our app-like, one-page design.

Product/Menu Layouts

Our flexible layouts allow you to create great-looking catalogs fast, so you can get your online shop up in minutes. No coding required!

Product Addons

Allow customers to customize their order with product add-ons. Include additional fees or add images to help customers make a decision.

Order Bumps

Suggest additional options as a customer adds items to their cart to increase your average order value.

Time Slots

Take control of your schedule and set when you’re able to deliver or accept orders for pickup. Customers can then select when they would like their order based on your schedule.

Holiday Scheduling

Easily create one-off or recurring holiday schedules for your business to make sure orders only come in when you’re there.

Full Checkout Control

Set your own fees for delivery, include payment methods you choose, and add optional tip prompts to your checkout to complete the process.

Order Management

Be instantly notified when new orders come in and easily change the order statuses as you start processing.

Timed Products

Choose when your products or product categories are visible in your store. Perfect for limited editions.

Custom Checkout

Experience our custom checkout, optimized for quickly processing local delivery and pickup orders.

Checkout Tipping

Add tip prompts to your checkout to boost revenue.

WhatsApp & SMS Notifications

Notify customers when their order is on the way.

Table Ordering

Use QR codes to automatically assign table numbers to orders. Best for restaurants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about QuickShop? See the list of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, please contact us.

One of the benefits of using QuickShop is you are not charged additional fees on each transaction, unlike other ordering systems.

The Basic package allows up to 50 products and the  Advanced package allows up to 200.

In Lebanon, we use the exclusive services of Wasel Logistics. You don't have to use Wasel if you are already dealing with another Logistics Company.

There is no annual subscription but you have to pay maintenance and hosting after 6 months which is 120$.

The stating package includes only the shopping experience without additional pages which can be added as an addon.

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